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We carry Crowd Control Stanchions for all your public traffic guidance needs

Maintain an orderly business with our customer traffic control fixtures. We offer a full range of products including number systems, velvet ropes and poles, and retractable belt barriers. It's always great to see foot traffic in your retail establishment, but what if those people begin to cluster, crowd or queue in certain areas? Don't let your store's flow cause unneccessary frustration for your visitors, simply use a set of crowd control stanchions and watch everyone fall in line. Help maintain order and civility even when you have a surge of business and are too busy to be everywhere at once.

We have more than one style of stanchions to offer; including both classic Velvet Rope and Pole sets, and retractable belt guidance systems. These crowd control systems can be used for almost any type of business and can be enhanced with a custom sign in our optional sign holders.

You'll find the possibilities are limitless when you see that our stanchion poles can connect to up to 4 other stanchions at once. If you chooce the Classic Chrome Velvet Rope Stanchion, you can easily clasp four black velvet ropes to other additional Rope Stanchions. With our Retractable Belt Stanchions each pole contains a retractable belt and three other belt clips for attaching belts from additional retractable belt stanchions.

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"Now Serving" Tickets (3000 Roll)
Product ID : 15-170
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Classic Crowd Control Rope Stanchion
  • Color: Polished Chrome
  • Height: 3 feet
  • Sign Holder Optional
  • Works with clasp-style velvet ropes.

Product ID : 64-003
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Crowd Control Stanchion with Retractable Belt
  • Color: Black
  • Belt Color: Black
  • Belt Length: 6 feet
  • Height: 3.5 feet
  • Diameter: 13.75 inches
  • 3 belt receiver notches

Product ID : 64-001
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Sign Holder for Classic Crowd Control Rope Stanchion
  • For Classic Rope Stanchion
  • Color: Polished Chrome

Product ID : 64-005
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Sign Holder for Stanchion with Retractable Belt
  • For Stanchions with Retractable Belt.
  • Color: Black

Product ID : 64-002
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Velvet Stanchion Rope with Chrome Clasp
  • Rope Length: 73 inches / 6.08 feet
  • Rope Color: Black
  • Clasp Color: Chrome

Product ID : 64-004
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