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Child Mannequins

Our Child Mannequins are the easiest way to show off your youth and baby clothes. Because baby clothes are so small, it can often be a pain when trying to dress a mannequin. Our unisex child mannequins are made to be flexible! Additionally, this mannequin comes with an optional headpiece. When the headpiece is not needed, the mannequin is outfitted with a standard metal cap that can be placed over its foam neck. The child mannequins are a realistic re-creation that can model either girls' or boys' apparel. Be sure to purchase your child mannequin today!
  • 1 Yr Height: 30", Chest: 17", Waist: 17", Hip:...
Product ID : 49-023
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  • 3 Month Heigh: 25", Chest: 15, Waist: 15", Hip:...
Product ID : 49-022
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  • 5 Yr Height: 41", Chest: 18", Waist: 18", Hip:...
Product ID : 49-024
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  • 7 Yr Height: 47", Chest: 20", Waist: 20", Hip:...
Product ID : 49-025
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