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Life-Like Male Fiberglass Skintone Mannequin

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  • Life-Like Male Fiberglass Skintone Mannequin
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Price: $123.75
Product ID : 49-003



  • Skintone Finish
  • Fiberglass Material
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Chest: 39", Waist: 31.5", Hip: 38"
  • Shoe Size: 9.5
  • Fast Assembly - Detachable Arms, Legs and Torso
  • Base: Tempered Glass. 15.63" Sq.
Our fashionable Life-Like Male Fiberglass Skintone Mannequin makes it easy to highlight your store's latest fashions. This male mannequin is life-like and will be easy for your customers to picture themselves in your clothes or accessories. Although this mannequin does not include a wig, we DO sell wigs here at TSI Supplies! The detachable arms, hands and torso make this life-like fiberglass mannequin easy to dress and apply accessories to. Its durable, long lasting fiberglass material is great if you are not looking to constantly buy a new mannequin. Its measurements include: 39¨Ó Chest, 31 ¨_¨Ó Waist, and 38¨Ó Hip. Your customers will do a double take at this mannequin, amazed at how good your clothes look!

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