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Grid Wall Panels & Displays

We carry Peg Hooks for all your product pegboard needs

TSI Store Supplies has offered retail store supplies across the country for the last 30 years. Product display fixtures like Gridwall has always been a major priority for our business, which is why we stock a wide variety of Gridwall Displays, Gridwall Panels, Gridwall Hooks, Gridwall Shelves, and Gridwall Accessories.

Whether to increase your floor space by moving items to hanging locations, or to increase visibility of certain products, you can utilize our vast selection of display hooks to organize your store and capitalize on your store's floor plan.

When you have a need for retail or commercial display hardware, you can be sure you will find it at TSI Store Supplies. Our Gridwall store fixtures are available in many sizes and applications to provide you with the best product merchandising possible.

  • Size: 49"W x 24"D
  • Hold 4 24"W Grid...
Product ID : 21-491
  • Framed 1"sq. Tube Construction
  • Grid...
Product ID : 20-907
Get shoppers’ attention faster while showing off more of your merchandise! Our greeting card racks, gondola shelving, and other wholesale gridwall display items raise demand by making your products more visible and accessible. Our interchangeable accessories add value by letting you vary your display strategies. Shop TSI Supplies today and sell more tomorrow!