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Rectangular Open Sign with Blue and Red LED Lights

Price: $69.95
Product ID : 64-500



  • Super Bright LED lights
  • Solid or Animated Illumination
  • Classic Red and Blue colors
  • Size: 23.75"W x 12"H
  • Hangs from two 12 inch chains
Our Rectangular Open Sign with Blue and Red LED Lights exudes all the brightness, color, and style of a traditional neon Open Sign but without the high cost. This durable and modern LED open sign will clearly announce that your business is open, and can be turned on in a solid mode or an animated/flashing mode to grab more attention. In the animated/flashing mode this sign spells out OPEN letter-by-letter three times, and then flashes the word OPEN three times, all while the blue border lights move in a chasing pattern around the sign's perimeter. This retail store sign hangs from two 12" clip chains and measures 23.75"W x 12"H.

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